Chanel Neapolis Spring 2018 Collection swatches and review

Chanel Neapolis Spring 2018 Collection has four spring summer themed nail polish colors.

chanel spring 2018 collection swatches and review

The orange red polish Chanel Arancio Vibrante is a super bright orangey red, especially awesome for summer pedis.
Chanel Giallo Napoli is a very bright yellow crème. This is underwhelming for me, I’d have loved some secret shimmer in this one just to make it different from a number of much lower priced polishes.

Chanel Nuvola Rosa is a classic rosy pink crème and Verde Pastello a lovely blue crème with loads green in it.

The nail polishes of the Chanel Neapolis Spring 2018 Collection are:

Chanel Arancio Vibrante

Chanel Giallo Napoli

Chanel Nuvola Rosa

Chanel Verde Pastello

The swatches of the Chanel Neapolis Spring 2018 Collection are here.


China Glaze nail polish Spring 2018 Collection swatches and review


China Glaze Spring 2018 Collection is the standard China Glaze 12 piece collection. The collection is called Chic Physique which is a play on the "get fit" mood people supposedly get in the spring season.
Looking at the bottles alone it looks like typical China Glaze spring mix of pretty pastels and soft brights. But after seeing the swatches, there are a lot more super bright colors that look far more summer than spring.

China Glaze Chic Physique Spring 2018 Collection swatches

Personally, I wear whatever I feel like regardless of the season, but the average salon client is very seasonal in their choice of nail color and the classic seasonal colors sell far better than anything else and from that point of view and from looking at the collection as a whole I appreciate when colors are as seasonal as possible with a crazy color thrown in the mix.

The colors in the collection are:

China Glaze Girl On The Glo – Champagne nude shimmer
China Glaze Low-Maintenance – Rose quartz cream
China Glaze Pretty Fit – Dusty rose cream
China Glaze Bodysuit Yourself! – Hot pink iridescent shimmer
China Glaze Athlete Chic – Bright coral cream
China Glaze Pilates Please – Peach cream
China Glaze Barre Hopping – Lilac cream
China Glaze Get It Right, Get It Bright – Lavender iridescent shimmer
China Glaze Glamletics – Rich periwinkle cream
China Glaze At Your Athleisure – Pale turquoise cream
China Glaze Activewear, Don’t Care – Teal cream
China Glaze Werk It Honey – Pineapple cream

Swatches of the China Glaze Chic Physique Spring 2018 Collection swatches are here.

The yellow, hot pink and teal are striking me as the most summery. The iridescent shimmer is super pretty and will work well as a layering polish as well and all the cremes, while meh for a nail polish collector, are the best for salon use and sale and also best for various nail art looks, so I'm very happy with this collection and I'll pick up a fair number for my personal use as well.





OPI nail polish ICELAND swatches Fall 2017 Collection

OPI has an Iceland themed collection coming out for Fall 2017. It's a collection with loads of dark, saturated, pretty much standard Fall colors. It's what I expect from an OPI Fall collection and what pretty much all the clients at the salon expect as well, so I know these colors will sell well. After all the years I've had the salon, OPI is still the benchmark for what the clients gravitate towards in terms of seasonal colors and how the collections are put together.

That being said, I do think the two browns in the OPI Iceland collection are too simmilar and the warm/cool undertones alone don't justify putting them both in the same collection.

The swatches of the OPI Iceland collection are here.

As I always do, I'll get a couple sets of the whole collection (the displays always get a lot of attention) with about 6 backup bottles of the colors I predict will be most loved by the clients. The backup bottles will be in colors:

OPI I’ll Have a Gin & Tectonic
OPI Aurora Berry-alis
OPI Icelanded a Bottle of OPI
OPI One Heckla of a Color!
OPI Less is Norse

opi iceland fall 2017 autumn collection swatches

As for my personal collection, I'll go for OPI Check Out The Old Geysirs and OPI Less is Norse since I know I'll get tons of wear out of both.