Best nail polish remover

This is my Best nail polish remover post.

After years of reading about nail polish removers, talking about them and using them daily, I can safely say I know what the best nail polish remover is.

Best nail polish remover is the Zoya Remove +. This thing does its job, doesn’t damage your nails or skin, smells good and comes in practical packaging. I’ve never seen anything bad said about this nail polish remover, except that it is too expensive. Which I totally agree with, it is pricey.

best nail polish remover acetone

Since the price and availability in Europe has always been an issue for me I took the knowledge of Google and made the Zoya Remove Dupe. The recipe for this has been floating around the interwebs for years and I have no idea who actually came up with it, but it’s there, it works like a charm.

To make a Zoya Remove+ Dupe, you need to mix:

  • 150 ml acetone
  • 15 ml glycerin
  • 18 ml water  


This works as well as the real thing. You can add about 25 drops of essential oils (I did try lavender) to get a better scent, but it's still pretty much pure acetone and it will still smell like acetone. With a bit of lavender.

Unless you're allergic to acetone, don't bother with acetone free nail polish removers. Those things just don't works as well and do more damage to your nails long-term.  

Don't forget to wash your hands as soon as you're done using your nail polish remover. Don't let the acetone sit on your skin any longer than it absolutely needs to.

If you detest the scent of acetone, light a candle. That will help eliminate the scent super fast but CAREFUL with where you put the candle, since acetone is VERY flammable. I kid you not, I’ve heard stories about people catching their hand on fire by waving an acetone soaked finger too close to a flame.

I hope you enjoyed my Best nail polish remover post and I’ll talk to you soon!