Best nail polish trends for Spring 2016

This is my Best nail polish trends for Spring 2016 list.

Seasonal nail polish trends are a lot like all make-up trends in the sense that they don't change dramatically from one year to another. That being said, we of the nail polish fanatics do get some dramatic new stuff every now and then. A couple of years ago it was textured nail polish, that overtook all seasonal trends for a year and a few years before that it was all about crackling top coats, matte polish and chunky glitter top coats. While the glitter top coats and textures are still around, they've subsided enough that I wouldn't call them trends in 2016 anymore.

 As always, when looking for nail polish I call »a trend«, I look to trend setting companies rather than individuals. Some of the major ones I consider the leaders in the market being Chanel, OPI and Essie. I find that most of the others main stream companies more or less follow their lead when it comes to general colors and finishes and the indie companies fill the missing gaps or do cool twists on the established trends, so that we as customers end up with a plethora of nail polish to choose from every season.

Best nail polish trends for Spring 2016

For Spring 2016 trends in nail polish world we have:

Light but opaque neutral nail polishes

Jelly finish nail polishes

Strong pink nail polishes

Dusty pink and coral nail polishes

Powder blue and light mint nail polishes

Best nail polish trends for Spring 2016

As you can see, nothing earth shattering or unexpected. You can do a fully office friendly, professional nail look and be completely on trend, or you can go cutesy or bolder with the blue and pink and green.

If you have a good, steady nail polishing hand, you can pick up any old jelly finish nail polish and rock that. You can go with darker, bold colors that will still be on trend this Summer as well. Just stay away from neons for now.

If you feel like jelly finishes just aren't worth the hassle when it comes to actually applying them evenly and making them look neat and clean, go with cremes or light shimmers, the color palette is quite open.

Best nail polish trends for Spring 2016

Now to the actual products. After 20 years of nail polish love, I can safely say, that I firmly believe that when it comes to nail polish, the price and the brand do not guarantee quality. Every brand has hits and misses if you follow them long enough. And I don't believe you get what you pay for when it comes to nail polish. I have a vast collection and some of the best formulas I've ever used are from brands that are on the very low end of the drugstore price range. That being said, I like to look at the trend for the season and then stock up on the best quality married to the best formula in can find in the vein.

Best nail polish trends for Spring 2016

In Spring 2016, these are the nail polishes that are hanging out front and center at the salon and my own desk:

New York Summer Hot Purple

Orly Saturated

OPI Let Me Bayou A Drink

OPI Crawfishin' For A Compliment

OPI Got Myself Into A Jambalaya

OPI Suzi Nails New Orleans

OPI Rich Girls and Po-Boys

China Glaze Sorry I’m Latte

China Glaze  Girls Just Wanna Have Sun

China Glaze Let’s Chalk About It

China Glaze About Layin ‘Out

China Glaze  Pink Or Swim

China Glaze Do not Be Shallow

Essie  Salt Water Happy

Essie Mint candy Apple

Essence Play With My Mint

Essie High Class Affair

Essie Lounge Lover

Essie Shades On

Essie Mint candy Apple spring 2016 trend nail polish


The first two are almost dupes for the pricey Chanel Sunrise Trip. While I do find the Chanel pretty as all out and the jelly finish awesome, I don't feel like paying Chanel prices and the formula is not all that perfect to be honest.

The rest are just the best formulas of the colors I was looking for and that are currently available.

I hope you enjoyed  my Best nail polish trends for Spring 2016 list and I’ll talk to you soon!