Catrice Caviar Gauche Collection for Fall 2016 Limited Edition

Catrice is doing their second collab with Caviar Gauche for Fall 2016 and the LE collection will include 4 new nail polishes.


The polishes will include a transparent pink with a golden shimmer, light taupe, vampy red and a nude.

Catrice Nude Sublime nail polish,
Catrice Nuit Fleurie nail polish,
Catrice Fleur Du Soir nail polish,
Catrice Rose D‘Or nail polish,

As in the previous Caviar Gauche collection, these polishes are very classic looking colors as well. With these, it’s more of a polished look than a statement.


I'm by far most excited about the gold shimmer one. I love how Catrice does their shimmers, I think it's what they do best.

I hope you enjoyed my Catrice Caviar Gauche Collection for Fall/Autumn 2016 Limited Edition preview and I'll talk to you soon!


**Images by Catrice