Catrice Neo-Natured Fall 2016 Limited Edition Collection

Catrice Neo-Natured  Limited Edition Collection for Fall 2016 will include 4 new nail polishes.

Catrice Maroon Melange nail polish,
Catrice Woodlands LiBERRY nail polish,
Catrice WALDEN’s Leaf Letter nail polish,
Catrice Nude Knit nail polish,

catrice neo natured fall autumn 2016 limited edition collection swatches and review

I love these! The first two are exactly what I want to wear in late Fall and if the second two will have decent coverage, all of these will be finding their way to my stash.

I've been a bit off Catrice nail polishes lately. After the whole "new" brush fiasco I took a break from them until they got it sorted out and then I was so dissapointed by the formula of their LE polishes that I honestly stopped buying them for over a year now.

I really hope they pull it together in this collection becasue I really like the look of these!

I hope you enojoyed my Catrice Neo-Natured Fall 2016 Limited Edition Collection preview and I'll talk to you soon!