Catrice Take a Brick nail polish swatches and comparison

Catrice Take a Brick is new for the core line Fall 2016. It’s the third Catrice polish I’ve purchased this season and I can safely say that they have been working on their formulas and their brushes.

The brush is still a bit uneven but better and the formula was two coats for a nice finish.

The color itself is very popular and on trend for the season. It’s in the same vein as Essie In Stitches but not a dupe since comparing the two together, Essie is a tad lighter.

It’s also very close to Trend it Up 260 but given how much I want to wear the color I figured I need both.

Here are some Catrice Take a Brick nail polish swatches:



I hope you enjoyed my Catrice Take a Brick nail polish 2016 swatches and review and I'll talk to you soon!