Chanel Fall 2017 Travel Diary collection swatches and review

Chanel Fall 2017 Travel Diary collection includes two new nail polishes:

Chanel 576 Horizon Line
Chanel 578 New Dawn


The swatches for Chanel New Dawn are here.

The swatches for Chanel Horizon Line are here.

Both colors are quite light for a late Fall collection. I know people like bolder, darker colors for the season but personally I always appreciate a new approach and honestly, I'll be getting my dark and jewel tones from a bunch of companies, I don't need the same thing form everyone and I really like the look of these. They have a very fresh, clean tone to them which is all I've been craving this summer so looking at them in August I just want to wear them now.

I hope you enjoyed my Chanel Fall 2017 Travel Diary collection swatches and review!