Chanel Le Rouge Collection N°1 Fall 2016 swatches and review

Chanel is going kind of minimalistic for their Fall 2016 Limited Edition collection. There are two new nail polishes in this collection. One is a watercolor, syrup-y red and the second is a true red crème-jelly hybrid.


Image by Chanel

Basically, they are taking a giant step away from matte and going for full on gloss.

Swatches of the Chanel Le Rouge Collection N°1 Fall 2016 are here.

Chanel  Rouge Puissant nail polish for Fall 2016 is a true red that covers in one coat but gets more intensity and depth in two. This is such a classic (and safe) shade. It definitely won’t get any hate but I need more than a true red crème nail polish to be impressed.

Chanel Rouge Radical Nail Gloss for Fall 2016 on the other hand (heh!) is more daring. It’s still a red, but the syrup-y finish isn’t something Chanel does a lot. I mean, obviously the syrup, watercolor, tint, aquarelle – whatever you want to call this finish – has been done more or less successfully by most big companies, like Essie and OPI, and done incredibly well by the up and coming companies like Dance Legend, so it’s not like Chanel is on to something new here. But I do enjoy seeing the new ideas spill into a major trendsetting company to mix things up a bit.

I won’t be getting either of these for myself, since I’m not a big Chanel collector and I don’t find their formula to wear well enough to justify the price. The set of both would be a nice gift though, since I can’t imagine many would object to getting a red Chanel nail polish. You can get tons of wear out of both of these.

I hope you enjoyed my Chanel Le Rouge Collection N°1 Fall 2016 swatches and review and I’ll talk to you soon!