Cuticle care; How to get healthy cuticles

This is my Cuticle care; How to get healthy cuticles post

Cuticle care is the base of your overall nail health. You can’t have good looking nails without taking care of your cuticles.

There’s not all that much science here. Your cuticles need to be kept off the nail plate and they need to be moisturized.

For getting them to where they belong, which is off the nail plate, you need a chemical cuticle remover and a cuticle pusher. I suggest getting a metal cuticle pusher and making sure you use a light hand when doing anything with your cuticles.

how to get heathy cuticles

With the chemical cuticle removers, don’t go crazy. Once a week is plenty for using that stuff. Also, don’t leave it on longer that the product says and make sure you thoroughly wash if off when you’re done.

how to get heathy cuticles cuticle remover

As for keeping them moisturized, this is key. Using hand lotion before bed is not enough. In fact, using hand lotion alone is not enough. It’s fine to keep your hands moisturized but your cuticles will need extra attention.

Some people find that cuticle balms work for them, some say that cuticles oils are better. I suggest getting both and then using them as it’s most convenient. I use cuticle oils in pens for when I’m on the go and balms for evenings, mornings and when I’ve had my hands in water for a long time.

You don’t need to spend money on fancy cuticle oils. They do come in handy packaging and make the process less messy, but in the end, as long as you get either jojoba, argan, almond or coconut oil on there and massage it in lightly at least once a day, you’re doing good.

how to get heathy cuticles cuticle oil

For cuticle balms, I really suggest investing in the Lush one. It’s been a Holy Grail product for years and with good reason.

The balm needs to get massaged in the cuticles at least twice a day.

how to get heathy cuticles cuticle balm

About cutting or nipping your cuticles…it’s an ongoing debate in the nail community but I firmly believe that as long as you’re super careful and really only nip the bits that are flapping in the wind, you aren’t doing any damage. But if you find yourself nipping every month, that’s excessive.

I hope you enjoyed my Cuticle care; How to get healthy cuticles post and I’ll talk to you soon!