OPI Spain collection; Swatches, Review and nail polish Dupes

OPI released their Spain Collection in Fall 2009. I got the entire collection for the salon and I had to re-order most colors twice since they were so popular. I also made a big dent in the bottles I have in my personal collection.

OPI Spain Manicurist of Seville swatches and review

I recently went on ebay just to see if any of these colors are in high demand and the most optimistic sellers have some of these on for around 57$. Which…crazy. Most of these are easily dupeable – particularly the reds, pinks and purples – and even if you need them from a collector's stand point, this is not a very old collection and that price is far exaggerated. I'd say about 20$ a bottle is a good deal for any of these.

opi spain collection swatches and review

The OPI Spain collection has 12 nail polish colors all together:

OPI Spain Barefoot in Barcelona
OPI Spain Can You Tapas This?
OPI Spain Give Me Moor!
OPI Spain Pink Flamenco
OPI Spain No Spain No Gain
OPI Spain Ate Berries in the Canaries
OPI Spain Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees
OPI Spain Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow
OPI Spain Manicurist of Seville
OPI Spain Pamplona Purple
OPI Spain Conquistadorable Color
OPI Spain Bullish on OPI

OPI Spain swatches are here.

opi spain fall collection swatches and review

By far the biggest hits in the salon were Bullish on OPI, Manicurist of Seville and No Spain No Gain. Those do tend to be the types of color that sell best in Fall anyway.

OPI Spain Pamplona Purple swatches and review dupe

My personal fave of the collection is still Pamplona Purple.

The formula on all of these was as close to perfect as OPI can get. There wasn't a whole lot main stream companies doing green polish at a time so Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow was quite a stand out. I was most dissapointed in Give Me Moor! It had the worst formula of the bunch and it just didn't look anything special when on the nail.

OPI Spain No Spain No Gain swatches review dupe

I hope you enjoyed my OPI Spain collection; Swatches, Review and nail polish Dupes post and I'll talk to you soon!