OPI Summer 2017 California Dreaming Collection swatches, dupes and comparisons

OPI Summer 2017 Collection is called OPI California Dreming collection and it includes 12 new nail polishes.

It's a very pink collection. I think this was creathed with mostly salons in mind, since these are the type of colors we always keep stocked and use the most. The more I look at it the more I'm thinking they should have swapped the Fiji and California Dreaming collections, Making Fiji the summer one and California the spring one.

opi summer 2017 collection swatches dupes comparisons

opi summer 2017 collection swatches dupes california dreaming

I have yet to see swatches of this collection but I'll update as soon as I find good ones.

The names of the polishes in the OPI Summer 2017 collection are:

OPI This is Not Whine Country
OPI GPS I Love You
OPI Malibu Pier Pressure
OPI To the Mouse House We Go!
OPI Me, Myselfie & I
OPI Santa Monica Beach Peach
OPI Time For a Napa
OPI Excuse Me, Big Sur!
OPI Barking Up the Wrong Sequoia
OPI Feeling Frisco
OPI Sweet Carmel Sunday
OPI Don’t Take Yosemite For Granite


I hope you enjoyed my OPI Summer 2017 Collection swatches, dupes and comparisons and I'l talk to you soon!