OPI Washington DC Collection dupes

This is my OPI Washington DC Collection dupes list.

When swatches of the OPI Washington DC Collection started trickling out, I got really excited about the collection as a whole.

OPI Washington DC Collection dupes

It’s been a while since I found an entire OPI collection worth purchasing. The last OPI collection I really liked in terms of color choices for the season and the overall cohesive feeling was the Germany and then things got kind of confused at OPI for some reason. I wanted to love the New Orleans and the Venice collections just for the theme alone but they just didn’t make me want to buy any of those polishes.

I’ve been collecting OPI nail polishes for 16 years now. I have some in my collection that are over 20 years old and they remain my favorite brand to collect (and use). As I follow the brand over the years, I see that there was a time when their best and most sought after products were their holographic polishes that they had in their DS line. That whole line got muddled after a while. Currently though I think that rich, crème finishes are the best thing that they produce. The indie (and Russian) side of polish is dominating the holographic, glitter and duochrome scene and even though OPI has tried doing all of those finishes in the last couple of years, they couldn’t even come close to what companies like ILNP and Dance Legend put out regularly.

So in the OPI Washington DC Collection they went back to what they do best and what is generally appealing and just purely classic. But since this is a collection that doesn’t have any special micro shimmers or anything it got me thinking that I could probably dupe the entire collection just by shopping my own stash and current nail polishes I can buy at drugstores for a fraction of the OPI price.

While I really do think that OPI generally has great formula with their crèmes it irks me to no end that the price point for a single bottle of OPI polish in Europe is from 13 to 16 EUR. And they pretty much never go on sale. So if you’re in Europe and just can’t or don’t want to shell out over 150 EUR for this collection but still want the colors, there are nail polishes from Golden Rose, Kiko, Essence and Catrice that can dupe the entire OPI Washington DC Collection.

The formula from the Golden Rose Rich Color line is entirely on par with the OPI’s. Kiko’s is not far behind either. Essence and Catrice can be hit or miss but all of the listed colors have been worn by me and my friends and are very decent.

So here are the OPI Washington DC Collection dupes that you can find in European drugstores and online and none of these is over 4 EUR.

Some of these aren't EXACT dupes but close enough for non-collectors.

OPI Pale to the Chief dupes are Essence Dream On and Golden rose Rich Color 82. So none of the dupes have the shimmer that the OPI has, but in every single swatch I've seen, the shimmer is invisible, so on the nail, these look dupe-y.


OPI  CIA = Colour Is Awesome dupe is Golden rose Rich Color 146


OPI Stay Off the Lawn dupe is Essence Miss Capitan


OPI Suzi The First Lady Of Nails dupes are Catrice Rambo No. 5 and Kiko 348


OPI Never A Dulles Moment dupe is Kiko 279


OPI Yank My Doodle dupe is Essence Meet my Pumpkin or Catrice Mind the Red. The Catrice has the same base color but then it has an amazing shimmer in it.


OPI Freedom Of Peach dupe is Catrice Peaches and Cream


OPI Squeaker Of the House dupe is Catrice Lost in Mud


OPI Shh Its Top Secret dupe is Golden Rose Rich Color 134


OPI Madam President dupe is Essence True Love


OPi By Popular Vote dupe is Golden Rose Rich Color 57


OPI We The Female dupe is Golden Rose Rich Color 30


OPI Inside the ISABELLEtway dupe is Golden Rose Rich Color 119 which has the same base color but also some shimmer.


OPI Kerry Blossom dupe is Golden Rose Rich Color 27


OPI Liv In The Gray dupe is Essence Rock My World




I hope you enjoyed my OPI Washington DC Collection dupes list and I'll talk to you soon!