Trend It Up 350 nail polish swatch and review

The European chain store DM brought out their own brand of cosmetics called Trend It Up. They have a full range but until recently, it was only available in Germany and Austria. It’s now available in other EU countries as well and I picked up a few polishes the other day.

The color range is good, there’s a fair amount of finishes and even bottle sizes to choose from. I went for the autumnal shades this time and after trying them out, I’m sure I’ll be going back for others as well.

Here are some Trend It Up 350 nail polish swatches:



The formula is really good, you could get away with one layer but I opted for two for a perfect coverage and better wear time.

I topped the polish with some shimmery gold leaves I reverse stamped on and I already got 6 clients at the salon requesting this exact manicure.



I hope you enjoyed my Trend It Up 350 nail polish 2016 swatches and fall nail art design and I'll talk to you soon!